Here’s a list of things that will get you ready for the upcoming school year:

  • Morning Drop off :

After the first week of school, students 1st-5th come in the front door of the school alone.  Unless parents are signing in for a visitors pass or volunteers pass(see below for more info on passes), you must say your goodbyes at the front door. TK-K will enter the front yard and parents may say their goodbyes once the teacher escorts the children in the front door.  Students must be on the kindergarten yard or upper playground yard no later than 8:12 in the morning.


  • Afternoon Pick-up :

Parents must wait until the bell rings at 2:45pm to enter the school.  TK-K parents must pick their children up from their classrooms.  You must  enroll your child in one of the after-school programs if you are not picking up at 2:45 (1:45 on Tuesdays).

  • Where students go before the 1st bell: 

Kindergartners and TK students should meet on the kindergarten yard using the outdoor gate starting from 7:50 until 8:12.

Upper grade students with classrooms in the main building (rooms 1 through 13) should meet on the upper playground yard behind the building and will be walked to their classes by teachers.

Upper grade students in the bungalows (classrooms B1 – B5 on the upper playground) should go to the upper playground and will be let into their classrooms when the final bell rings.


For Star: After the school bells rings at 2:45pm, the children will be picked up from their classrooms via a star teacher. Pick up after star will be in the auditorium.  

For LA'S Best:  After the school bell rings at 2:45pm, students will meet at the lower yard cafeteria area.

Pick up will also be in the lower yard cafeteria.

  • Backpacks: Make sure your student has a backpack and brings it each day. You do not need other school supplies on the first day.


  • Register for After-School Programs:  Students can be registered for after-school programs at the orientation meeting or you can register in the office the first week of school.  After-school programs (except STAR Nova classes) are held starting on the first day of school.

    • LA's Best is a free program open to students in K-5th grades that requires an application form. Space is limited and early applications are encouraged. email:

    • Beyond the Bell provides free supervision on the playground for students in 2nd-5th grade until 6:00 pm. You must submit a parent contact form to the office in order for your child to participate.

    • STAR Education runs an activities program daily until 6 pm (STAR Galaxy) and also offers 1-hour enrichment classes (STAR Nova classes). These are paid programs that require a registration and spaces are limited.  STAR Nova Classes are scheduled to begin after Labor Day. email: WESTHOLLYWOOD@STARINC.ORG Click here for more information online:


  • Shopping cards: Register your grocery and credit cards so West Hollywood Elementary receives a donation every time you shop. This takes just minutes, costs you nothing, and can mean thousands of dollars for programs for our kids.

  • To Volunteer at School (more than 30 minutes)

Any parent who is not an employee, but has an approved reason to be at the school to volunteer needs to have an active and approved LAUSD Volunteer application on file along with an up to date TB test.  Click here for the app  For the TB test form, you may pick up a form from the office.  Once you submit online please print and turn the forms in to the office along with your TB test(if needed).  Please go to the office for further information.  Click here for more info on the Volunteer Application Process Click Here

  • A Visitor Pass (30 mins or less)

Is only good for a specific reason to visit and is limited to 20-30 minutes.  If you are interacting with students you must have an up to date TB test on file.  You may pick up a form from the office or check with them for further info.  

Click here for more info on TB test 

Have a great school year!