Presently, elementary school age children residing within West Hollywood Elementary home school district may enroll at the school.

For kindergarten, students must turn five on or before December 2 of the year of registration.

*Please visit the LAUSD Find a School Page to see your child's home school.

To enroll your child, you will need to present:

  • Identification: Birth certificate, baptismal certificate, passport or other legal document that has your child’s birth date.

  • Immunization Record Card

  • Proof of residency (Home School only): A utility bill (water, gas or electric) or property tax bill (no phone bills).


New Resident and Sibling Enrollment: Begins May 1st

Residents and siblings are encouraged to submit enrollment packets early.  This will help our school in the organization of classes as well as determinee how many spots are available for open enrollment.  

Students, who are undecided on returning next school year, need to make a decision by May 17, 2019.


Open Enrollment Admission

Open Enrollment is a state-mandated policy allowing students to transfer to any school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) that has available space. Applications for open enrollment begin on April 29, 2019 and continue for three weeks.

Open Enrollment applications can be completed online at  https://apply.lausd.net.

  • Open enrollment application period begins April 29, 2019

  • On-time application deadline May 17, 2019

  • Final deadline for accepting open enrollment transfer applications,  if open enrollment space remains September 12, 2019

Once the final open enrollment deadline date has passed, no applications will be accepted until the following spring for the next school year.


After the Open Enrollment period closes

Schools with more applications than seats available will have a waiting list. Siblings need to complete one application per child, however if one siblings name is taken from the waiting list, then all siblings who applied are eligible for transfer.  Open Enrollment transfers are valid until a student completes the final grade level at the school where the transfer is granted. For schools with remaining seats available, open enrollment continues until September. Once the September deadline has passed, no new applications are accepted for the school year.

Open Enrollment Lottery

Open enrollment lottery will be done centrally at the Beaudry building.   All open enrollment should be done online, so that it is time and date stamped - in addition, all communication from the district will happen via email.  The wait list will also be kept electronically with the district central offices. 

Open Enrollment online application https://apply.lausd.net.


Enrollment Form

Residency Questionnaire 

Migrant Education Questionnaire

Title VII Student Eligibility Certification

Ethnicity-Race Form

Emergency Card

Parent-Guardian Authorization and Release Form




*Please call our school office if you have any questions at 310-274-531