Online Summer Fitness Camp


FREE for our KIDS



WHE will earn approx. $175 per child registered.  

A great way to raise money for our school over the summer!

All our students registered = $70,000!


REGISTER TODAY! Program Dates: July 2nd-August 13th


Online curriculums are crafted by and feature world class athletes and sports leaders.  The program designed for WHE is an agility & speed curriculum.   Beginning July 2 and continuing until the day before school starts, students/parents will receive an email to view an exercise video teaching the student about speed/agility.  Each video will be paired with a physical education assignment.

  • AOW Summer Fitness Program is a state funded, approved curriculum that is Safe Sport compliant and services numerous charter schools and sports programs state-wide.

  • WHE will earn approx. $175 per child registered (pending days in program and lessons completed). The state will disperse funds in ten equal payments throughout the school year.

  • Requirements: birth certificate (for proof of age), utility bill (for proof of CA residency) & executed master agreement.


This is a wonderful opportunity to offer our kids a FREE & educational summer fitness program they can follow online.  West Hollywood Elementary is one of the first public schools to test this government funded fitness/fundraising program.  Our participation and feedback will help Summer Fitness Program grow & offer a wider range of curriculums for future summers.  By participating, our kids get access to a unique fitness curriculum AND it’s EASY FUNDRAISING for our school - money that directly benefits our quality physical education program at WHE, which is entirely funded by us - the parents.

Educational activity that’s fun!

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