Step It Up


Step it Up is our student fitness fundraiser!

Kick-off BEGINS FEBRUARY 14, 2023!

IT'S A REVOLUTION of FUN. It’s quick and it’s easy. This fundraiser challenges the students to use their AWESOMENESS to help others!

To do so, they combine FRIENDSHIP, FITNESS and FUN in a program called STEP IT UP! It's a little like a jog-a thon, except instead of running, they get to challenge themselves on an inflatable obstacle course inspired by the TV shows WIPEOUT and AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR! Woo-hoo!

Students are encouraged to collect pledges from family, friends and the community to raise money for our school. The more money they raise, the more prizes they get.  Students are rewarded for their efforts with a DAY OF AWESOMENESS! It's a giant SUPER PARTY filled with obstacles (based on TV shows like Wipeout and American Ninja Warrior), a FUN ZONE filled with games and events, incredible DJ MUSIC, a CHILL LOUNGE for kids to hang out in, KONA ICE for all the students, CASH and PRIZES, and so much more!     

The money brought in from the Step It Up Fundraiser directly funds extra programs that our school loves: Field Trips, Student Activities, Student Recognition Awards, Technology & Arts, and School Assemblies! Step It Up is really committed to helping our school raise this money.

ALL KIDS, whether they participate in the fundraising or not, will get to attend the FUN in-school event on March 10, 2023! 

Click HERE to start your fundraising!