Stop & Drop Car Line

The Stop & Drop program allows children to be dropped off in a controlled area and escorted onto campus. It is staffed entirely by parent volunteers. Here are some safety requirements for parents using the Stop & Drop valet line:

  • Pull as far forward as directed by volunteers and put your car in park. The line starts at the corner of Hammond and Harratt.

  • Stay in your car and do not open your car door--a volunteer will help you with that.

  • Absolutely no cell phones while in the valet line.

  • Have students prepare their backpacks to quickly exit the car while in the valet line.

  • Keep entrance to the teacher parking lot & crosswalk on Hammond clear.

For Volunteers
  • We need families to take 10 shifts per year to be fully staffed. Volunteer shifts are arranged by student grade (below).

  • Please arrive for your shift by 7:45.

  • When arriving, please pick up a safety vest from the rear stairwell on the first floor.

  • Safety cones (also in the rear stairwell) should be placed on painted dots on Hammond and Harratt Streets.

  • No children on the sidewalk or curb, please! Your student can be sent to the play yards during your shift.

  • Valet services end at 8:15. Students arriving after this time should be escorted by their parents inside school.


There is NO STUDENT DROP-OFF in any of the campus parking lots. If you are not using the valet car line and prefer to walk your child into school, you must use street parking only.