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FOWHE is dedicated to a well-rounded education that enriches and empowers the student body at West Hollywood Elementary. Our mission is to work in partnership with West Hollywood Elementary Administration and teachers to sustain a culture of academic excellence, student enrichment and personal growth.

FOWHE raises funds each year to ensure West Hollywood Elementary has vital programs for students not budgeted for by LAUSD. The revenue FOWHE raises pays for programs including Music and Arts, Instructional Technology and Equipment, Teacher Aides, PE, Field Trips, Enrichments and Assemblies. These programs encourage our student to be creative and innovative while providing additional support for our kids.





BUY Spirit Wear



How to Buy Spirit Wear:

All Orders will be delivered to your oldest child's classroom to take home with them. 

**New 2022-2023 SPIRIT WEAR will be delivered to your oldest child's classroom beginning of December

**Older SPIRIT WEAR styles are available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.

When to Wear Spirit Wear:


Spirit Wear can be worn every Friday. The last Friday of every month is free dress day but if you like, Spirit Wear can be worn then too!


Please email spiritwear@fowhe.org for any questions.