Support Our School

Education support fund

As the school year begins, the FOWHE is asking for your support by donating to the Education Support Fund benefiting the 2024-2025 school year. These funds help to maintain academic success and enrichment to support the students and staff. FOWHE supports school programs and events impacting ALL of our students. Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that our children have all the enrichment programs, extra support staff, and technology needed to thrive and succeed.

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Be a Sponsor

West Hollywood Elementary has a tradition of partnering with parents, local businesses and community groups to support the financial needs of our school. Through many fund raising efforts, and with the generous help of our families and other concerned donors, we are able to collectively enhance the educational opportunities available to our students. 

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Easy Money for Our School

Grocery & Retail Community Partners
When you use your Ralphs Card at the grocery checkout, the stores will give 1-4% of your purchase back to support programs at our school! You must re-register your card each year, so don't forget! For Ralphs just search West Hollywood Elementary or use our code SV596. Click the image below to sign up.




Spirit Store

Spirit Wear can be worn every Friday. The last Friday of every month is free dress day but if you like, Spirit Wear can be worn then too! 


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