FOWHE raises funds each year to ensure West Hollywood Elementary has vital programs for students not budgeted for by LAUSD.  The revenue FOWHE raises pays for programs including Music and Arts, Instructional Technology and Equipment, Teacher Aides, PE, Field Trips, Enrichments and Assemblies. These programs encourage our student to be creative and innovative while providing additional support for our kids.


FOWHE has partnered with Education Through Music to provide our students with a first-class year round music education TK-5th. Through quality music instruction connected to the Common Core State Standards, students are encouraged to celebrate the technical and mechanical building blocks of music as an art form. They are taught with differentiated instruction per grade level, building musical skills and concepts in a sequential comprehensive manner.  Music also has been show to increase academic achievements, supporting their ability to focus, increase self-esteem and enhance their creative and social skills.  



Our 5th graders are taught ballroom dancing as a tool to break down social barriers, learn about honor and respect, treat others carefully, improve self-confidence, communicate and cooperate, and accept others even if they are different.

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FOWHE funds for a multitude of Enrichments and Assemblies for every Grade-level at WHE. Our Enrichments program furthers learning by bringing curriculum based experiences into the classroom as well as out of the classroom. From Field Trips, to school wide Assemblies, to interactive classroom workshops, our Enrichments and Assemblies Committee works with the teachers to find unique programs that encourage all children at WHE to embark on a life long journey filled with creativity, and hands on experiences.  

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FOWHE funds a full-time certified physical education teacher. A certified PE teacher promotes not only the physical training at school, but has the knowledge and ability to incorporate the educational aspect as well. Our students participate in 2 to 3 days per week of Physical Education and learning.


FOWHE also allocates a budget for new playground and PE equipment each year, with equipment chosen by our coach to best complement grade-appropriate yard activities.

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West Hollywood Elementary School utilizes state-of-the-art technology to personalize the educational experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through project-based learning. The goal is to redefine and transform the way students learn and communicate in the 21st century by promoting innovation, creativity, and collaboration. 

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INSTRUCTIONAL Teaching assistants

FOWHE funds for full-time in class instructional TAs starting 2022-2023 school year, to be placed in classes that need them the most, mostly the lower grades. These aides provide supervision for children throughout the school day and administrative support for teachers. In doing so, teachers are able to dedicate more time and attention to educational interactions with students.

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