Physical Education


Physical education classes serve several roles in students’ education.

  • First, they encourage good health and physical development, improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.

  • Second, they promote the development of positive social skills—particularly in regards to teamwork.

  • Third, they provide a break from the desk routine, in which students may work out tension and stress, and recharge for the day. Physical activity actually increases mental alertness, so students can be more focused and on-task in their academic classes.

LAUSD mandates elementary school students receive 200 minutes of physical education every two weeks. In 5th grade, students are required to take a Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The state-designated PFT is the FITNESSGRAM.


LAUSD does not fund our school for a dedicated Physical Education instructor; it is typically the Grade-level teachers that are responsible for their students’ physical education. 

With this lack of a capital, FOWHE funds a full-time certified physical education teacher. 

A certified PE teacher promotes not only the physical training at school, but has the knowledge and ability to incorporate the educational aspect as well. Our students participate in 2 to 3 days of Physical Education each week.