Volunteer Application Process:

We have many dedicated and wonderful people who come and volunteer their time in both the classroom and at the school. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at West Hollywood Elementary, please complete these steps:

1. Register with FOWHE

If you have not registered, you will need to do so on this website and select a category that interests you. Click here to register.


2. Register with LAUSD

Complete the Volunteer Online Application and Volunteer Commitment Form (a new form must be signed &  turned in each year) with LAUSD. All volunteers must fill out the online volunteer application for EACH SCHOOL YEAR. You can access the online registration application at https://volunteerapp.lausd.net.  Once you complete the online application, you must submit it electronically. You will also need to PRINT both the application and Volunteer Commitment Form - sign and deliver the hard copies to the front office. To renew for the next year, you must go online and confirm your address and other information to "re-apply", then print this and a new commitment form and bring it into the office.

3. Get TB Test

Provide a Copy of TB test clearance (test results will be valid for four years). A Tuberculosis (Mantoux) Skin Test must be turned in within the past 60 days prior to beginning a volunteer assignment. Volunteers who are unable to take the TB skin test or receive a chest x-ray due to pregnancy or other medical circumstances must provide a signed statement (dated within 60 days before beginning a volunteer assignment) from a licensed doctor stating that the volunteer is not carrying the TB virus and is not at risk of contaminating the greater population.


If the TB skin test is positive, a chest x-ray is required. When submitted to the office, the test results must be attached to the application. X-rays must be taken within one year of beginning the volunteer assignment. Also, note that submitting a new TB Test every year is unnecessary if you are a continuing volunteer - TB skin tests and negative x-ray tests are valid for four years.


For more information please get in touch with the front office or the LAUSD Parent Community Services Branch

at (213) 481-3350.