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public education is free. A quality education is not. 

LAUSD provides 0% of the funding for the enrichment programs your child will receive at West Hollywood Elementary. FOWHE (WE, the parents) provides classroom aides, art, technology, physical education, additional music programs, field trips, and assemblies. All students enjoy these programs. Without your donation, WE cannot continue to provide these critical programs.


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We Need Support from Every Family – Suggested Donation Amount is $1,950 Per Student.





We know that asking for money right now is a lot. Schools all over the district are hurting, a lot is changing, and there’s only so much we as parents can do about decisions that are made far over our heads. But with your support, WE will continue to support our teachers, students, and community in all the ways we always have—and some new ones too. If every family commits an $1800 donation (split up into monthly payments if you would like), we can stop asking you for money and start making decisions and plans for next year.


Although West Hollywood Elementary is a public school, parents and the community need to financially support the school to fill in the gap and provide programs and tools for our kids to use to grow and develop. If we don’t raise enough money this year, we will have to cut programs impacting the school’s academic programs and ratings.


Click the link below for more information and real-time updates to see which class is currently in the lead! 

Message from Joanne Menon - Founder and First President of Friends of West Hollywood Elementary





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